Ringljus LED 10" Dimbart 3200-6000K med Telefonhållare

1 570 kr


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30m/98ft IPX8 Waterproof Stick Light

About ring light,we have 6 10 12 13 18inch model ,and corresponding accessories, like tripod, video clip, etc.Please contact me.

10 inch ring live fill light


1 3 color temperature presets,white/warm/cool light.
2 Small size,can be used as desk lamp,make up,live ,etc.
3 Adjustable angle bracket,the perfect angle can be displayed as you want.
4 USB power supply interface,power by mobile phone charger,power bank and computer.

Safety warning

1 The product does not have the waterproof function,please do not let the product come into contact with liquid or damp.
2 The product has a bulit -in battery.It is forbidden to put this product in fire or water and heat the product.
3 The product will heat up during use,do not place it near flammable and explosive materials.

Standard package

1*Ring light
1*Mobile phone holder
1*360° Adapter

Bundle package

1*Ring light
1*Mobile phone holder
1*360° Adapter
1*Tripod stand


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