Combustible Gas Leakage Detector

454 kr

This product can detect a gas leak and interface with a control system, and it's suitable for Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, 

Gasoline, Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Alcohol,Hydrogen, Acetone, Sulfide, Naphtha and Volatile industrial solvents.



Long flexible stainless probe: It can help you to use more area.  

Pinpoint leak position and low battery indication: It can help you to detect.

Adjustable sensitivity: You can have a great experience.

Compact size and light weight: It can easy to carry and operate. 

Light and voice alarm indication: You will sound "bi" voice and see light flash when it detect the gas reach too high.



Color: Red + Black 

Material: ABS Plastic 

Detection Gas: Combustible Gas 

Sensitivity: Variable, Minimum 50 PPM (methane) 

Alarm Mode: sound alarm and light alarm             

Response Time: Instantaneous  

Warm-Up Time: < 20 Seconds    

Battery Type: 3 * AA 1.5V Batteries (NOT Included) 

Response Time: Instantaneous 

Continuous Operation Time: 9 hours(slightly vary with working condition) 

Probe Length: 35.5cm / 13.98in 

Operating Temperature: 0~50°, Relative Humidity 0~80% 

Storage Temperature: 10~60°, Relative Humidity: 0~90% 

Item Size: 157 * 64 * 33mm

Item Weight: 179g / 6.3oz