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100% new quality.

Made of qualified materials, quality passed, safe and harmless.

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Practical and durable.

It is the first choice for children's indoor toys.

Product: Indoor suspended air cushion football

Style: glowing white, glowing black, glowing and vocal white, glowing and vocal black

Material: plastic + plastic + electronic components

Color: black, white

Size: 18cm*18cm*5.5cm

Power: AA battery × 4 (need your own)


Football, with the reputation of "the world's first sport", is the most influential sport in the global sports world.

It can be said that every boy has a football dream when he was a child.

Therefore, this indoor suspended air cushion football can be the best partner for children's childhood.

This football has a very good design.

It has a built-in rotary motor. As long as the battery is installed, turned on the switch, the motor will run, and the air will flow, forming an air cushion under the football to make it float.

As a result, the friction at the bottom of the football will drop to a small extent, and it will slide very far with a single push.

At the same time, the football is surrounded by a high-quality plastic ring, which has a good elasticity. When the air-cushioned football hits the wall, it will bounce back smoothly, which is very interesting.

In addition, it also emits light effects and increases playability.

With this suspended air cushion football, your child can happily enjoy playing and exercising indoors.

If your child likes football, then quickly buy this magical suspended air cushion football!

Come to your indoor father and son World Cup with your child!