Portable Badminton Net

688 kr

*1. 100% satisfaction: If you want something durable, then this is the best deal you can do. Use portable badminton net suits indoors and outdoors without worries.
*2. The design is simple: the badminton net is easy to carry, foldable, lightweight, the packaging size is about 60cm, and the set is about 750g. Opening size: 300 cm x 150 cm. You can have fun everywhere. (Web only)
*3. Lightweight and durable: this folding badminton net cover is made of carbon fiber, polyester, PU and stainless steel to ensure a durable net hook and solid metal hook.
*4. Easy to use: play badminton, volleyball, tennis on the beach, driveway, backyard and any flat area! The portable badminton net is perfect for parties, camping and family vacations.
*5. Metal ring: The double covered wire with tension ring allows quick adjustment to ensure that the net remains tight even during the game.

1. Assemble anywhere.
2. Play badminton in the park, beach or tailgate. Whether you want to play on the beach, in the backyard or in the water, the portable badminton set can provide you with everything!
3. Very suitable for family sports, gymnasium, sports class, camping, indoor or outdoor use.
4. No piles or tools are required.
5. The base is completely independent, so there is no need to place any piles, nor need to set for a long time. In addition, there is no need to trim the badminton net. Move it from one location to another easily.
6. With this portable network, you don't need to spend time and money to find a special place where you can play badminton or tennis, just set it at any time to start the game.

Expanded size: 295 * 150cm
Mesh material: nylon
Rod material: carbon fiber
Accessories: aluminum alloy pu

Package Included:
1 * Badminton Net Set

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