Vattenrenare Portabel

647 kr

Looking for a safe and easy way to enjoy clean water while outdoors? Look no further than the Portable Water Purifier. This innovative purifier features four levels of physical filtration, ensuring that your water is free of impurities, contaminants, and sediment. The selected ABS material is durable and resistant to high temperatures, making it more practical and long-lasting. Additionally, the UF filter core removes small impurities while retaining beneficial mineral elements. The multi-layer filter straw further improves water quality. With its simple outdoor design, the Portable Water Purifier is lightweight and easy to store – perfect for your next camping or hiking trip!



1. Material: ABS
2. Filtration Life: 5000 L
3. Filtration Accuracy: 0.01 Micron (minimum)
4. Application Temperature: 32 °F - 90 °F
5. Weight: 254 g
6. Size: 170×80×50 mm

Model: K8187
Flow Rate: 1400mL/min
Filtration Life: 3000 liters

Packing List:
1* Water Filter
1* Manual
1* Case Package