Teapot Ceramic Smoke Backflow Incense

480 kr


new and high quality



1. Exquisite workmanship, it can be a classic furniture, with meditation effect and sleep aid

2. As a refined interest, or for your special attention

3. Small size, easy to carry



1. Home use:

At home, light an incense, warm and comfortable, and feel comfortable, at home and at home

2. Office use

Light an incense, clean the air, refresh, maintain a pleasant body and mind, improve work efficiency

3 Reception guests

Guests will visit first 30 minutes before the point of a good smell of incense, it is not only a courtesy, respect for guests, but also reflects the elegant taste of the owner

4 easy leissure

Light an incense, while reading a book, while tea, you can relax completely, improve the quality of life

5 Aerobic exercise

When gentle movement exercises, such as yoga, meditation, etc., illuminated a fragrance, the effect will be better received.



Name: creative teapot smoke reflux incense burner

Materials: ceramic

Color: as shown in the picture

Size: about W * H: 16 x 16 CM / 6.29 x 6.29 inches


Packaging included:

1 x Creative support for teapot incense burner